Harties Five1Two Trailers
Services : Trailer rentals - we have various trailers available for daily and longer term rentals. Trailers range from a Venter trailer, furniture trailers up to a 4 meter car trailer. Location : We are situated at Arrow Rest, Hartbeespoort. Contact Details: 084 606 0063


084 606 0063

Harties Auto Pro Sound: Air cons, Radios, Gear locks, Central Locking, Alarms, Auto Electrical, Starters, alternators, Wiring   082 749 6243  012-327 6988 


Harties Modifications Chris Mod 4x4 Conversions 
We Specialize in Lexus V8 CONVERSIONS
Power Steering Conversions, Turning and Milling Work,
Ratio Change on Wranglers, Machining of Side Shaft
Gearbox-Transfer Case Adaptors 082 573 6690 Chris

082 573 6690

Bonro Brits (car division)

Bonro Brits (trucks)

KIA Motors Brits

Midas Harties Sediba Plaza




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Cars and Trucks. 4 X 4 Harties. Modifications