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Gardens for Pleasure, founded 47 years ago, is a business in the landscaping arena well known for creating lovely, luscious gardens and magnificent water features, bringing the piece and tranquility associated with gardens and gurgling water to every person who has a passion for the beauty of life.
We also build luxurious decks and design and install irrigation systems to help keep your precious garden alive and thriving. 
Our swimming pools are absolutely gorgeous with the touch of nature given by both rock and carefully selected plants to enhance the relaxing feeling where one, after a long, hard day of work, would want to cool down and relax next to the pool.

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084 899 9626
South Africa


Dunamis Gardens, irrigation, topsoil, compost, instant lawn, Hartbeespoort

Busy "B"

Celtis Landscaping


Desert Pots

Enviro Chain Saw

Ennis Nursery

Jacaranda Nursery

Industrial Irrigation

Rock & Water Features

LM Instant Grass

Sleepers for Africa


Style Decor

Sprankel Tuine

Compost Spent Mushroom Compost: Lawn dressing,Mix Bags: Free Delivery for 20 bags or more Call Anton 082 571 1721

  Water Plant

Tree Felling (Boomsloping)

BW Tree Felling: Stump grinding, Stump removal, Insured, Owner supervision, Industrial grass cutting 23 years experience: Call Brian 082 468 0590 Riëtte 083 468 0590 or 082 473 0158 24 hours


Asilali Tree Felling: Felling, Stump removal, pruning and shaping, Professional service, Fire wood, Fully insured, Call Peter 079 534 0297 or Yussuf 078 074 4060



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Garden and Landscaping in Hartbeespoort